Kumara Parvata mountain

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These are the two major rivers of Sullia and a nice tourist spot.If you aren’t very new to the world of trekking then you would have heard the name Kumara Parvata being mentioned often. Considered among the toughest treks in South India, It is a perfect mix of physical challenge and natural beauty of the Pushpagiri Wildlife sanctuary.

Bekal Fort

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The Bekal Fort feels like the one taken from the pages of Grimm's fairy tales. It has all the ingredients and the scenic richness of an abandoned fort onlooking the vast ocean. This 300 -odd years fort is located on a vast 35 acre headland that runs into the Arabian Sea.


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The enchanting fragrance of coffee……. the aroma of fresh cardamom, black pepper and Coorg honey..... the holy river Cauvery…… the cool air - all these speak of Madikeri, which is known as the Kashmir of South India for its scenic beauty.

Main attractions

Payaswini and Kumaradhara are the two major rivers of Sullia.
Kumara Parvata mountain is one of the famous trekking paradises situated near Sri Kukke Subrahmanya Temple.
"Koli Kamale" is a famous trekking place in peraje, Kodagu district (7 km from sullia)
Abbey Falls is 10 kilometres from Madikeri (50 kilometres from Sullia).
Sri Kukke Subramanya Temple, situated in Subramanya (village), around 44 kilometres from Sullia, is a famous pilgrimage location.
Sri Mallikarjuna Temple, situated in Thodikana, around 15 km from Sullia, is a famous pilgrimage location and also a famous tourist destination.

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