Sullia, situated to the east of the Mangalore on the SH-88 is at a distance of around 88 K.M. from Mangalore, Dakshina Kannada. It is surrounded with evergreen wooded mountains in the Western Ghats range Karnataka. It has plantations of rubber, areca nut, coconut, cashew nut, black pepper and banana. Education centers in Sullia offer a variety of education to students from around the world.

The town is best known for its Educational Institution like the Academy of Liberal Education (K.V.G), the Ansariya Yatheem Khana Charity School providing education to orphans and the needy. The Rotary Charitable Trust is one of the famous trusts in Sullia. The road connecting the two major cities of Karnataka, Mysore & Mangalore (K.S.R.T.C) runs through Sullia. The town lies on the both side of the SH-88.

The total population is 18,028 and it has 18 wards. The area covered by the Taluk Panchayat is 6.61 Sq.K.M. Sullia is a town with high humidity and temperature ranging 25'C to 35"C. The rain fall is heavy is about 4000 mm annually, in which over 90% is received in the monsoon from May to September.

Main attractions

Payaswini and Kumaradhara are the two major rivers of Sullia.
Kumara Parvata mountain is one of the famous trekking paradises situated near Sri Kukke Subrahmanya Temple.
"Koli Kamale" is a famous trekking place in peraje, Kodagu district (7 km from sullia)
Abbey Falls is 10 kilometres from Madikeri (50 kilometres from Sullia).
Sri Kukke Subramanya Temple, situated in Subramanya (village), around 44 kilometres from Sullia, is a famous pilgrimage location.
Sri Mallikarjuna Temple, situated in Thodikana, around 15 km from Sullia, is a famous pilgrimage location and also a famous tourist destination.

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